July 21, 2024

Super Easy Home DIY Projects to Do Before Selling Your Home

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Home DIY Projects

Planning on selling your home? You want it to look its best before you put it up for sale, and there are many DIY projects that can help. If you are short on spare time for DIYing, we have put together this list of super easy DIY projects that you can quickly complete before you sell.

Paint the Interior

One of the easiest and most affordable DIY projects you can complete before selling your home is repainting it. Even if you are keeping the same paint color, the fresh coat will still make the rooms you paint look sharp, fresh, and clean. Since you are planning to sell your home, go for a neutral color. You want prospective buyers to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and that can be difficult if you do not have a neutral color palette.

In addition to painting the walls, you can also paint the cabinets to give the room a new look or simply stain them if you want to keep the natural wooden colors.

Repair Your Fence

Fenced yards are important to homebuyers, so make sure there are no holes or weak points in your fence; they will be looking for any points where their dogs or kids can escape the yard. If your yard is not fenced, consider installing a new fence so that you can potentially sell for a higher price, especially if the fence is solid and tall.

Clean up the Landscaping

Your curb appeal is crucial to helping you sell your home. This means you need to give your landscaping and front yard a good clean-up. Clear any leaves or clutter from the front yard and pull up the weeds. Make sure the lawn is freshly mowed, and plant some flowers or shrubs.

Repaint Your Siding

You want your home to make a good first impression, so it is a good idea to power wash your home siding and then repaint it. Replace any sections that are in need of repair before you start painting. This can be super easy, but depending on if there are any repairs you need to make, you might have to consult a professional to help with any repairs you encounter.

Update Your Walkways

If the walkway to your front door is not in the best shape, replace any paving stones and make it smooth and something that should not catch anyone’s toes and cause them to trip. Also, make sure that your walkway is well lit, so you can see it just fine at night. This is both a safety feature for those who are walking on it in the dark and a security feature since it will be harder for someone to sneak up on your home in the dark.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have been growing in popularity over the last few years because they are great at circulating air, which can help regulate the temperature in the house and help reduce energy costs. These are super easy to install on your own, and you can find unique looking ones to accent the house and give it some personality that can entice buyers.

Add More Usable Space

Everyone loves having more storage space, so if you can add some to your home before putting it on the market, it can make it even more alluring to prospective buyers. You can put in some closet organizers — you can make these temporary ones to take with you, just leaving them while it is on the market to demonstrate to a buyer what they can do with the space — or you can build permanent ones that the buyers can enjoy when they move in. If you have any areas in your home that are wasted space, you can build shelves in them for storage, which can help pique a prospective buyer’s interest.

Do you have any places where you can create little custom storage areas? If you have stairs in your home, consider turning the area under them into a storage area. You can also create bench seating next to windows big windows and turn the seating into a little storage area where you fold up throw blankets.

Look around your home; what areas have some wasted space that can be better used with storage? Build some shelves there to entice buyers.

Install Faux Stone

The beauty of natural stone and brick is undeniable, but it is not cheap to have installed, and it is typically not very DIY-friendly. Faux stone is an excellent alternative that is super easy to install.

You can do pretty much anything inside or outside of your house with faux stone. Outside, you can use faux stone to:

  • Replace your siding.
  • Cover the foundation.
  • Add skirting to the porch or deck.
  • Create an accent wall around the front door.
  • Wrap your support pillars.
  • Surround the grill or outdoor kitchen.
  • Create a privacy fence.

For interior ideas to use faux stone with, you can:

  • Create a fireplace surround.
  • Add a new backsplash in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Turn the bathroom into a spa with faux stone walls.
  • Create an accent wall.
  • Dining room walls.

Create a Home Office

Since the pandemic shifted so many people to begin working remotely, homebuyers are looking for a home with an office. If you have a space that is not currently being used, like a little guest room or a den, consider turning it into a home office before putting the house on the market. This is a small DIY project that can help a buyer visualize themselves living in your home since it already has space marked out as a potential home office. This can be as simple as putting a desk with a comfortable chair in the space.

Caulk the Bathroom

Aging bathroom caulk might take on a brown tinge, or it has started to turn brittle and is cracking. It is super easy to lay down a fresh application of caulk in the bathroom. Put it around the sink, bathtub, and anywhere else in the bathroom that has caulking, even if it does not look too old. Buyers will be scrutinizing every aspect of the house, so if the caulk is not fresh, they might notice. This is simple to complete and affordable.

Update the Light Fixtures

How old are your light fixtures? If you do not know the answer to this question, then it is definitely time to replace them. You can find some fun light fixtures online or at local antique stores that will stand out and help brighten up the house.

While you are at it, consider getting some lighter curtains to bring more natural light into the house; this will make it feel brighter.

Update the Flooring

New flooring is expensive, but you can refresh the flooring for a much more affordable price and make it much easier to DIY. If you have carpets, get them shampooed; you can rent a carpet cleaner. Instead of installing new wooden floors, refinish the hardwood. For tile flooring, you can redo the glaze on it. This can truly breathe new life into your flooring.

If you want to get really creative with your flooring, you can even paint it. Just make sure you stick with a somewhat neutral color palette for it and use paint that is made to go on floors. This can give a room a lot of personality and make it stand out among prospective buyers.

Replace Your Hardware

The hardware in your home has probably been there since you bought it, which means it is definitely time to change it up. Also, consider the vibe of the rooms. For example, if you add gold faucets in your bathroom, it can feel more upscale, and a new showerhead can even give the bathroom a spa feeling.

Add Crown Molding

Wood crown molding is another great way to give a room some character. You can put it in pretty much every room in the house to add a little bit of character to it.

However, it might be a good idea to leave it out of the bathroom because it has the potential to have moisture issues. If you want crown molding in the bathroom, consider using PVC molding instead to help avoid the issue.

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