June 13, 2024


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real-estate management services

Real estate in India is on the rise like always but it is slow as usual and this is because of the introduction of technology in real estate always being slow.  But this is changing quickly as there is a new digital transformation and the digital revolution that is impacting the real estate industries in India.  And we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd are one of the visionaries that are leading this revolution with our real-estate management services as we are the fastest emerging facility and property management company in India. Let us look at how DMM is transforming property management and real estate management services in India.

  • BUILDING FACILITY MANAGEMENT(PRE-COMPLETION) –  While AI and other technologies have been used post-construction while dealing with various areas like security and car parking management,  our state-of-the-earth building facility Management services will enable you to get portfolio management solutions as well as property management solutions and this includes maintenance and management of the property during construction with our facility management experts pared with self-learning AI technology. 
  • With our technology, there will be a very limited scope of human error thereby reducing the cost of construction as well as property Management considerably. We are unique as we will take care of your properties before and after construction.
  • OPTIMISED FACILITY MANAGEMENT – We are first and foremost a facilities management company and therefore we have all the resources and tools in place to manage multiple properties making facilities management as well as financial management very simple.  We offer every kind of service that includes gate management services, gardening services, waste management and façade cleaning services for your properties.
  • As well as every other kind of service such as housekeeping, plumbing, electrical etc to help keep the building maintenance in order and assist the building operators with the help of our real estate management experts.  With our efficient services, property accounting, as well as financial reporting and contract management, will become easy for the real-estate administrators.
  • VALUE ENRICHING REAL-ESTATE SERVICES – We at DMM will ensure that the value of your real estate property will stay above the market value at all times due to our real estate management services and our PropTech solutions wherein we will take care of the property accounting as well as financial reporting and also take care of contact management as well as property marketing and brokerage services. 
  • We also do rent collection as well as cash management and every other kind of financial services which are a part of our real estate management services.  This means that we not only take care of the building maintenance but also take care of keeping the value of the real estate properties high so that your real estate business always grows. 

These were a few of the ways we at DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd that the tech revolution in real-estate is accompanied by our AI and IoT services, along with our decades’ worth of experience in managing real-estate and every kind of property and facility.

If you are someone who likes to invest in real estate and does not have the time or resources to keep up the proper management of your properties or if you are someone who likes to invest in property but does not want to be involved in the accounts and rent-collection then we are a one-stop solution because we will not only help you in the administrative aspect of your business but will help you in keeping up the value of your properties with our nationally renowned management services as well as our upkeep services such as façade cleaning as well as housekeeping and electrical services.

We are the new age of service providers and we help ambitious people like yourself make regular businesses into multi-baggers with our premium services.  

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