May 26, 2024

Tips to Help Prevent Roof Damage This Winter

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If you’re living in Calgary, you’d already know that the winters here can get really bad with the temperature going as low as minus-thirties Celsius (below -22 °F). With such cold weather, it is very important that the roof is prepared to withstand harsh weather conditions. This is only possible when your roof is in the good condition. For this, it is important to ensure regular maintenance and timely check-up with the help of a professional roofing company.

During the winter season, preventing potential damage to your roof from damage isn’t as difficult as you might think. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some tips suggested by the top roofing contractors Calgary to help protect your roof during the winter.

Clean and Repair Your Gutters –

Wondering what the gutters have to do with the life of a roof? This is a very common concern among homeowners. The reason is a lack of knowledge. This is why it is very important to understand the gutter system and how it works. According to specialists in Roofing and siding Calgary, a gutter system is a drain system that goes along the edge of your roof. The prime purpose of this gutter system is to help collect water and deposit it away from your home’s foundation. In case the gutter is not cleaned and is clogged, it will lead to standing water in your gutters and on the top of your roof. This can result in mildew, moisture, and mold across the property like its roof, walls, etc. So, make sure to call roofing contractors Calgary to get the gutter system cleaned.

Remove Debris from the Roof –

Another useful tip for homeowners across Calgary is to ensure keeping the roof free from debris and other garbage like fallen tree branches, etc. The reason is that litter on the roof can be the root cause of various types of accidents that can take place. Even small objects tossed around by the wind can crack or dislodge shingles. Or you can see a herd of pests feasting on errant nuts or berries. Before you start enjoying the winter season, it is important that you call a professional for roofing maintenance to clear the roof of potential problems. If you are planning to do it on your own, make sure that you do it safely and the use of safety equipment is very important.

Schedule a Professional Inspection –

It is a very important thing to note; professionals in the field are not just like other humans. They are experts in their fields and will have access to the latest tools and the knowledge to ensure taking care of every problem associated with the roofing system. This is why it is suggested to call a Calgary roofing company when you want to schedule an annual inspection. The Roofers Calgary will do a detailed analysis of the roof from every possible aspect to ensure that your roof remains functional and can withstand harsh weather conditions. In modern times, roofing companies are also equipped with advanced technology like drones to get exact measurements and observe shingles and areas of specific concerns up close for better results. When searching for the best roofers Calgary, make sure to check reviews from past clients so you know that you are making the right choice.

Repair Broken or Missing Shingles –

Have you ever gone through a situation when you ignored a broken shingle saying that it’s just one shingle that is broken, rest are good so there’s no need to call roofing contractors Calgary, only to deal with other issues like moisture in attic or mold due to water leakage? This would be more expensive work now. This is why it is said that you must take an action before things become worse. Even if it is just one shingle that is broken, it makes sense to call professionals to get it repaired as this can lead to greater damage over time. By the time you notice the signs of leakage, you might need several thousand dollars in repairs. You can actually avoid this repair work by simply replacing the damaged shingle. Never be ignorant, take the action at the right time.

Practice Sensible Pest Control –

The lovely trees found across Calgary can bring amazing fall colors. But at the same time, these trees can also welcome pests to your property, especially the roof. Pests like squirrels, bats, mice, and rats looking for a warm place to live during the winter can be a matter of concern, especially when having someone who is allergic to pests in the family. They don’t just keep adding bad odor and bacteria by the way of their food and droppings, but will also chew apart your roofing material to make the entryway larger. Not just this, these pests can also cause bigger troubles like moisture damage or destroyed insulation. This is why it is important to ensure that all the entry points to your home should be sufficiently covered or repaired in the fall. Make sure to double-check the roofing system to safeguard your home against these unwanted visitors.

Trim the Trees Hanging Over Your Roof –

A very important thing that every homeowner must follow to ensure the safety of the roofing system throughout the year is to deal with the trees hanging over and near the roof. The reason is that these tree branches can become really destructive during the event of a storm or dropping temperature as it can knock loose branches free. As a result, these branches can cause massive damage to or even break shingles. So, when you have a roof around your property with its branches hanging over the roof, it is important to call a professional to handle the situation. It is not suggested to do it on your own because this needs various types of equipment and tools to carefully cut these branches, without damaging the property.

Insulate Your Attic & Interior –

During the colder months, one common problem faced by homeowners is attic condensation. The prime reason for this is warm and moist air flowing from the main living area into the attic space, which ultimately meets the chilly underside of your roof’s deck. When the home attic is not properly insulated, it is very common for condensation to lead to mold and mildew. The best way to avoid this situation is to ensure keeping your attic and interiors properly ventilated and insulated. This is something you can do on your own. Begin with identifying the cracks and weak spots causing air leakage and then you can use the user equipment to ensure these gaps and leaks are properly treated.

When you are preparing for the winter, it is important to take good care of your roof. When not taken care of, it can result in complete damage and hence it can become the reason for complete roof replacement Calgary. This is why make sure to be proactive and call a professional Calgary roofing company for regular inspection and to do the required repair work, as needed.

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