June 13, 2024

10 Reasons to Relocate to Franklin, TN

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Geographically, when you move to Franklin, TN, you’re sitting to the south of Nashville within Middle Tennessee. Notably, Franklin resides in Williamson County, while Davidson County is home to Nashville. The Nashville Metro area significantly surrounds it, as a mere twenty-minute drive up I-65 places you there.

Franklin, by no means a “suburb” or bedroom community, is an independent town housing approximately 75,000 individuals. Its history is robust and unique; established in 1799—bearing the name of Benjamin Franklin—it served as the battlefield for one of the Civil War’s bloodiest clashes. But you would never know it today.

With its rolling green hills adorned by wooded areas, ravines, and creeks – even a river cascades through downtown Franklin – Williamson County epitomizes rustic beauty. The term ‘picturesque’ is the right fit for this stunning area. Hence, seize the chance to touch those unexplored places with your loved ones. There are myriad reasons that anchor us to living here, presented in no particular order for your consideration.

Why has moving from California to Franklin, Tennessee, become common?

Let’s understand the 10 unique reasons that make Franklin stand apart:

1. Outstanding Americana Main Street

Like a downtown depiction in a Norman Rockwell painting, Main Street is located at the heart of downtown. It seems to breathe Americana. Dating back to the early 1800s, its buildings stand as testaments of time; meticulously restored and maintained—they embody historical charm with contemporary relevance. 

The level of decoration and maintenance here rivals that of Disneyland’s Main Street, prompting a striking comparison. The analogy isn’t to suggest an over-the-top, cartoonish atmosphere; rather, it underscores the impeccable execution evident in this place.

Undoubtedly, numerous towns boast a downtown area featuring staples such as Main Street, historic towers, and town squares; these are but a few elements you will find in abundance. 

The sheer number of them presents an opportunity for exploration that surpasses quantification – it truly is an experience without parallel: this – is unquestionably unique. There is a life and vibrancy to Franklin’s downtown that makes it unique.

 2. Festivals all Year

Franklin’s remarkable downtown effortlessly attracts many visitors; moreover, the town garners recognition for its festivals. Downtown hosts a festival every month throughout the year without fail. The majority boasts a live music stage and typically caters to families. Their Christmas Festival, renowned as ‘Dickens of a Christmas,’ garners significant media attention for its re-creation of the Charles Dickens era – employing the Victorian architecture in historic downtown Franklin as an atmospheric backdrop. The streets teem with hundreds of musicians and characters, an astounding sight for a mere town of 75,000. It is undeniably punching above its weight.

3. Tap into the Farmer’s Market with Dancing Police Officer.

The entirety of Franklin exudes a unique charm, not solely confined to its downtown. Situated northward from the heart of the town stands “The Factory,” a historic building complex once dedicated to appliance manufacturing. It’s an old tower with original windows and its own water tower.

An antiquated, shuttered factory often represents a sad sight and typically elicits avoidance in numerous small American towns. However, Franklin differs significantly as it embraces this edifice as its distinctive destination. The town hosts a lively Farmer’s Market every Saturday without fail for all 52 weeks of the year within that ageing structure.

The Factory boasts its own theatre, a venue that showcases riveting plays and music performances. Undoubtedly, this establishment holds an air of awe-inspiring charm.

Moreover, it offers an additional perk: a performance by our renowned dancing police officer. A local law enforcement agent has garnered fame for his exceptional dance skills.

4. Live Music Around the City

Certainly, music dominates here as it rightly should. After all, Nashville earns its title of “Music City.” Music permeates throughout the entirety of Nashville. The overflow extends ubiquitously throughout Middle Tennessee, sparing no exemption for Franklin. Recently, Justin Timberlake acquired a property in close proximity to Franklin; similarly, numerous renowned and lesser-known musicians designate Franklin as their home.

The annual Pilgrimage Music Festival calls Franklin home: a colossal two-day event that entices serious talent and approximately 50,000 attendees. This year boasted performances by Timberlake and Chris Stapleton, among others. It takes place on an old horse right across from The Factory.

5. First Friday Art Scene

Although this example may not certify a distinct heading, it encapsulates the town’s vibrant atmosphere–hence its inclusion. Every first Friday evening reveals an Art Walk: a unique event in this locale. However, it’s no ordinary art walk; complimentary alcohol accompanies the experience. 

Indeed, one can stroll through numerous historic art galleries and buildings while indulging in complimentary cocktails and wine. Upon discovering this solitary fact, some individuals we know proclaimed it as the decisive factor that solidified their decision to relocate here!

The vibrancy of this town infuses even non-art enthusiasts with its essence. This place is full of constant activity and an undeniable zest for life. So, if you are planning to settle down away from California, you can explore the best neighborhoods in Franklin, TN.

6. Beautiful People

Undoubtedly, ‘diverse’ reign as the optimal word. The locals ooze an unparalleled degree of amiability and hospitality here. Maybe you’ve traveled to different places, but you might not have savored such a profound welcome elsewhere. Southern hospitality intertwines with a vibrant crowd from diverse national backgrounds, all engaged in fascinating pursuits. This is the remarkable amalgamation you may witness.

Undoubtedly, you will encounter an abundance of young families such as ours in Franklin and Williamson County; the state’s education rankings consistently crown their public schools as Tennessee’s finest.

Though not universally perfect, this town serves as the Goldilocks of residences for a remarkably diverse and sizable population: it may be just right for many. Nashville is a popular destination, attracting an overwhelming influx of people.

7. Great Jobs & Tax Opportunities

Franklin has one of the thriving economies at present; people continuously relocate here in pursuit of employment opportunities. One finds this region among the leading sectors for healthcare employment. 

Moreover, numerous large companies have established their bases here. Indeed, the music industry significantly contributes to job creation, underlining its pervasive influence across various fields. Unemployment, it bears mentioning in no uncertain terms–is not a predicament within these environs.

Businesses also thrive: most commercial buildings bustle with activity–vacancies are indeed a rarity. Such is the robustness in this locale that homes for sale in Franklin, Tennessee, pose its uniqueness; an influx of people continuously gravitate towards it.

8.  No State Income Tax

Living in Tennessee offers a significant advantage: the absence of state income tax. Consequently, when you transition from high-tax states such as California to this region–you effectively receive what can be considered a 10% raise. 

Moreover, the overall cost of living here is remarkably reasonable – an added benefit! Demand has caused a slight increment in housing prices; however, property taxes remain low.

9. Experience All the Season

The winters here exhibit extremely low temperatures—truly cold, to put it mildly—and strong winds further intensify this. The Midwest experiences hot and humid summers; blink too fast, and you might miss the fleeting spring and fall seasons.

10. The Food

Indeed, here you will find traditional southern fare: biscuits, BBQ, shrimp & grits – a Nashville specialty is hot chicken; and oh! Let’s not forget about the biscuits again.

If restaurants don’t appeal to you, the Farmer’s Market always offers what you need; you can select your ingredients and masterfully cook at home.

The Booming Real Estate Market

All these reasons contribute to the real estate growth in Franklin, TN. People are moving from the hustle and bustle of California to Franklin. There has been immense migration to this place over the years. If you are looking for a reliable realtor in Franklin, TN, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today!

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