April 18, 2024

Top Features of Luxury Apartments in India

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The feature of luxury in India is slowly and steadily impacting the lifestyle of citizens. According to Forbes, there were almost 101 billionaires in the country in 2017. In addition, there were around 2.3 lakhs millionaires in India. In fact, India ranked fourth in the world for such numbers of the wealthy.

Hence, there is a steadily rising demand for luxury properties like luxury apartments in Zirakpur, located in prime spaces. The rich and the wealthy in India are trying to upgrade their style of living by purchasing luxury flats.

The following are some attractive features of luxury apartments:

Bespoke design

Most investors in luxury homes seek a great ROI (Return on investment). When buying a luxury flat, an important concern is that this property should complement your specific needs. As such, most developers provide luxury flats that are designed as per your taste. These bespoke flats might be personalised as per your needs, helped by the expert and attractive touch of an architect.

Prime location

This is one of the most enticing features of a luxury flat. Most likely, it will be located close to all facilities such as offices, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, shopping areas and transport services like airport. However, you need to consider the convenience of the location. For instance, if the flats are located in a spot where there are constant traffic jams, you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of a prime location. So, the location must be attractive in all senses.

Quality of construction

The luxury of the property can be experienced by the quality of accessories, fittings, furnishings and raw materials for construction. In addition, luxury property developers provide an extensive range of services for home improvement, such as kitchens, bathrooms and make-overs of exteriors and interiors. This includes complete architectural make-overs.

Abundance of space

One of the basic features of a luxury flat is the abundance of space. All luxury flats feature spacious exteriors and interiors. They feature spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and even kitchens. A typical luxury flat will also have high ceilings that touch at least 12 feet.


The privilege of living in luxury flats can be enjoyed by a modicum of wealthy individuals. Hence, developers of luxury projects typically set their eyes on this niche market and take great care about keeping up their brand value. Most luxury home buyers are adamant about enjoying privacy in their exclusive neighbourhoods. Therefore, the concept of single units on all floors of luxury apartment buildings has become popular in current times. Most of the time, such properties also feature mesmerising views like lush vegetation and a calm and soothing ambience.

Luxury amenities

One of the major attractions of a luxury property is the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life with easy access to all facilities. These flats often serve as cocoons of luxury. All luxurious amenities like coffee shops, gyms, restaurants, exclusive spas, yoga zones, and salons are some of the attractive features. They also have entertainment features such as mini-theatres, a library, swimming pools etc. They may even have entertainment areas like clubhouses and banquet halls, ideal for celebrations and parties.

Security features

5 BHK flats in Zirakpur are also safe havens for people to live in. They have good security features like CCTV surveillance, smoke detection systems and some even have bio-metric entry.

Cutting-edge technology

All home buyers and property developers believe that a luxury home must be excellent- specifically in the use of technology. Hence, the key factor is automation. Based on the price tag of the property, there would be variations in the use of technology. Current technical trends include energy-efficient homes, climate-controlled homes, homes with smart lighting and smart toilets etc.

Trend setter

It is desirable that all features of a luxury flat, including the kitchen, the landscape and amenities like entertainment zones, pools and gyms, must be trend-setters. But the high prices of such facilities keep these at an aspirational level. Therefore, a pool in an ordinary property is not quite the same as one in a luxury property but is only a cheap imitation. Also, homes with features like gazebos, decks or outdoor leisure areas are rare and so justify the high price.

In-home gyms

The true upper echelons of society fancy a personal gym in their home. They prefer to sweat it out in the comfort of their home instead of common gyms where they need to share the machines. Luxury homes thus feature well-equipped gyms, which permit the owners to gyms in style.

Servant’s quarters

Many luxury homes feature suitable living facilities for in-house employees. The majority of designs for luxury apartments include separate quarters and ways of entry for such domestic help.

In sum, the above features of a luxury flat are subjective according to the taste and preferences of the investor. But to ensure that one gets the right value for one’s investment, it is vital to tie up with a real estate developer with excellent insights into the luxury segment.

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