May 20, 2024

DIY Projects to Transform Your Home Entry

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install a faux stone accent wall

Whether your home entry is a grand display or right off the kitchen and living room, it is the first place you see when you come home after a long day. It is also the first place that guests will see when they walk into your home. You want to make your entryway look welcoming and inviting to anyone walking through your front door, no matter how big or small that entry is. That is why we have put together this list of DIY projects that you can use to transform your home entry. 

Accent the Ceiling

If your home entry is small, one easy way to transform it is to accent the ceiling to draw the eye up. This can make the space feel a little bigger. You can paint the entryway white and then add some asymmetrical detail, like a few black lines on one wall that move up to the ceiling. This can make the entry feel bigger and draw the eye up, giving it a unique focal point.

Get a New Welcome Mat

Your welcome mat probably gets a lot of foot traffic, so an easy project to change things up a little is to get a new welcome mat. Find something fun that says something about your unique personality.

Add a Mail Sorter

Having a place to stick the mail when it comes in that keeps everything organized can be an essential part of your foyer. These come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. You can find something to hang on the wall with little cubbies or dividers, or you can find a little vintage side table with a few drawers; this can give you a place to store keys as well. With a vintage side table for the mail sorter, you can turn it into a DIY project, refinish it or even repaint it to make it match your home aesthetic.

Update the Walkway

The walkway to your home entry is more important than you might think, so take some time to give it some attention. Power wash it to make sure it is clear of debris. If there are stones, make sure that none of them are overturned and causing a tripping hazard. Also, lining the walkway with some lights to make sure it is always well-lit is a good idea. It looks good and is a security feature.

Use a Rug to Define the Space

If your foyer is just a wall to another room or your door really just opens into the living room, adding a small throw rug to your home entry can help you define the space. This will make it feel like it is indeed an entry and not just part of the living room.

Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is intended to draw the eye and capture attention, so adding an accent wall to your entry is a great idea. You can paint it a bold color, add some unique wallpaper, or even install a faux stone accent wall. If your entry is small, this is a great way to help you define that space a little bit better.

Hang Up a Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are a popular home design option these days, and they can make a great space for you to drop your keys or mail when you walk in the door. If your entry is smaller, adding a floating shelf is a great option since it will not take up any floor space at all.

Create a Rainboot Vase

Do you have an old pair of rainboots that you do not use anymore? You can quickly and easily turn them into a planter to put in your home entry. It can add a unique pop of color and give you something cute that people will love.

Make a Statement with Lighting

Who says your light fixtures need to be bland? One way to dress up your home entry is to get a unique light fixture that has a little personality. A unique light fixture, especially a big one, can make a room feel taller and larger. You can shop around at vintage stores to look for something unique, or you can find one online. Whether you want a big and funky-looking fixture or a classy chandelier, the light fixture matters more than you think, and hanging it up is a pretty easy DIY project to help you transform the entry.

Hang a Mirror

Mirrors can make a space feel bigger and brighter, plus it lets you check your look before you head out the door. You can find a picture frame to put the mirror in or even paint a little scene on the mirror to give it something a little more unique.

Add a Chair or Bench

If you want to take off your shoes at the front door, adding a bench or a small chair for people to sit down and take off their shoes can be helpful. It is another excellent opportunity for you to add some of your personality to your entry. You can also build a little cubby for shoes underneath the bench or chair, so shoes stay out of the way and organized.

Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a lot of pictures or art that you need a place to put, creating a small gallery wall at your front door is a great place for them. You will be greeted every day by things you love, and it gives you a place to put some of your more unique artwork that might not fit anywhere else in your home.

A Place to Hang Up Coats

Having coat hooks or a coat rack in your home entry gives you and your guests a place to hang their coats and purses. This is a pretty easy project to complete. The hardest part will be finding the studs on the wall to mount your hooks to — the last thing you need is for your hooks to fall off the wall when you hang them up. You can even personalize your coat hooks for each member of the family, so everyone has their own hook to store their things on. Of course, if you go this route, make sure you leave a few extra hooks on the wall for your guests.

Add Some Storage

The home entryway often gets cluttered with bags, shoes, umbrellas, and more, so adding some storage to your entry can help you control the clutter. Shoe cubbies, coat hooks, umbrella stands, or even a little cabinet can help you keep the clutter under control. Have fun with it and infuse your unique personality into it. You can even get a small collection of wicket baskets to hang on the wall to sort and organize things in the entry.

Paint Your Front Door

Your door is an important part of your home entry, and repainting it is an easy DIY project that can completely transform the space. Why leave your door a bland color? Make it stand out with a unique and bold color, both inside and out. If you add a unique and unexpected color to your front door, it can draw the eye and make your entryway feel a little more inviting and cozier.

Add a Small Table

A small table or desk can make the entryway feel cozy, especially if you have a cute little nook in your home entry to put it in. You can find a little vintage table or desk, so you have a good spot to drop mail and keys.

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