June 20, 2024

Cabins to Rent in Auckland: Your Ideal Temporary Space Solution

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cabins to rent in auckland

Are you in need of temporary space in Auckland? Whether you require a cabin while building or renovating your home, a separate living space for elderly relatives or adult children, or an affordable extra room, sleepout, workspace, or office space, Unit2go is here to provide the perfect solution. We offer a range of cabins for rent that cater to various needs. With our expertise in the building industry and commitment to New Zealand-made materials, you can trust our sister company Unit2Rent to deliver high-quality and reliable rental units.


Finding suitable temporary accommodation can be a challenging task. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, having a comfortable and convenient space is crucial. In Auckland, Unit2go offers a wide selection of cabins for rent, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your needs. Let’s explore the benefits of renting a cabin and why Unit2Rent is your go-to rental provider.

The Benefits of Renting a Cabin

Renting a cabin from Unit2Rent comes with several advantages. Here are a few key benefits:

1. Flexibility and Convenience

Cabins provide flexible and convenient temporary space. They are an excellent option for various purposes, including temporary accommodation during home renovations or construction projects. Additionally, cabins can serve as separate living spaces for elderly relatives or adult children, offering independence while keeping them close by. Whether you need an extra room, sleepout, workspace, or office space, renting a cabin provides a versatile solution.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Renting a cabin is a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. It eliminates the need for long-term investments in building structures, making it an affordable option. By renting a cabin, you can have the space you need without incurring significant expenses or long-term commitments.

3. Quick Setup and Removal

One of the significant advantages of renting a cabin is the speed of installation and removal. We ensure a hassle-free process by delivering and setting up the cabin promptly. Once you no longer require the cabin, we take care of the removal, making it a convenient and stress-free experience.

Customizable Options to Suit Your Needs

We understand that every customer has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customizable options to ensure the cabin meets your specific needs. Our experienced staff will guide you through the selection process, considering factors such as size, layout, and additional features. Whether you need specific electrical installations, plumbing, or insulation, we can tailor the cabin accordingly.

Quality Assurance and New Zealand-Made Materials

We take pride in delivering high-quality rental units. Unit2go is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company, with directors and staff who possess over 50 years of combined experience in the building industry. We prioritize using materials manufactured and/or supplied by New Zealand companies, ensuring the cabins meet stringent quality standards.

Your Trusted Cabin Rental Provider

When it comes to renting a cabin in Auckland, Unit2Rent is your reliable partner. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your rental experience is enjoyable. Our team is committed to assisting you throughout the process, from selecting the right cabin to its installation and maintenance. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with professionals who prioritize customer satisfaction.

Sizes and Configurations Available

We offer cabins in various sizes and configurations to cater to different requirements. Our range includes cabins starting from 9m² and going up to 36m², providing ample space for your temporary needs. Whether you require a compact cabin or a more spacious one, we have options to accommodate your preferences.

Ensuring an Enjoyable Rental Experience

We want your cabin rental experience to be enjoyable and hassle-free. Our experienced staff will guide you through the entire process, providing expert advice and addressing any concerns you may have. We strive to exceed your expectations and ensure you have a comfortable and convenient living or working space.

Make an Appointment Today

If you’re in need of a cabins to rent auckland, don’t hesitate to reach out to Unit2Rent and Unit2go. Schedule an appointment with our friendly team to discuss your requirements and explore the available options. We are here to help you find the ideal cabin that suits your needs, providing a seamless and satisfying rental experience.


Renting a cabin in Auckland is a practical and cost-effective solution for temporary space needs. Whether you require additional living space during renovations, a separate unit for relatives or adult children, or an affordable workspace, Unit2go has the perfect cabin for you. With our expertise in the building industry and commitment to using New Zealand-made materials, you can trust us to deliver high-quality rental units. Contact us today to discuss your options and find your ideal cabin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: Can I customize the cabin to suit my specific requirements?

Answer: Absolutely! Unit2Rent offers customizable options to ensure the cabin meets your unique needs. Our experienced staff will guide you through the selection process and help you tailor the cabin according to your preferences.

Question2: How long can I rent a cabin for?

The rental duration depends on your specific requirements. We offer flexible rental terms to accommodate short-term and long-term needs. Please contact us to discuss your rental period.

Question3: What sizes of cabins are available for rent?

Unit2Rent offers cabins ranging in size from 9m² to 36m². We have a variety of sizes available to suit different space requirements.

Question4: Are the cabins suitable for year-round use?

Yes, our cabins to rent northland are designed to provide comfort throughout the year. They are insulated and equipped with heating options, ensuring a comfortable living or working environment in any season.

Question5: What is the process for cabin delivery and removal?

Unit2Rent takes care of the delivery and removal of the cabin. Our team will promptly deliver and set up the cabin at your desired location. Once you no longer need the cabin, we will handle its removal, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

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