April 23, 2024

7 Benefits of Bathroom Countertop Basins that Homeowners Can’t Enough Of!

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Typically, people don’t care much about the kind of washbasin that they have in their bathrooms as long as they function. That’s fine, totally! However, if you are looking for a sink that performs best for your needs and that lasts long for your living, bathroom countertop basins must be your pick!

They have become more and more popular, and they keep on grabbing the hearts of many homeowners. Countertop basins fit any home no matter the size and even the shape! You can easily distinguish a countertop basin because it is a type of sink that is set on top of a flat surface. Because it is not hidden or not installed internally, the basin looks like a big bowl placed on the table. Countertop basins are also easy to spot because they are not connected to a wall.

Get to know more about these awesome bathroom installations! Check out the 7 benefits of bathroom countertop basins that homeowners can’t get enough of!

1 – Countertop basins are super space-saving!

Countertop basins suit any size of bathroom. Yours might be small or compact, yet a countertop basin can agree with it without a doubt! It is definitely super space-saving because it only requires a flat surface, it can be placed on any size of a level top. There are small countertop basins that are made and designed specifically for small bathrooms. If you have a narrow or average-sized bathroom space, then a countertop basin must be your bet!

Furthermore, since this type of sink lies on a countertop, you can save space by no longer adding a separate tabletop or dresser. The surface where the wash basin is located is already the area where you can put your personal items or situate flower vases and bathroom scent bottles. 

2 – They are chic and elegant visual pieces.

For custom home builders, one of their main goals is to craft stunning and polished bathrooms that perform exceptionally for the advantage of homeowners, who are their clients. Countertop basins are among the most well-known types of washbowls in the world as they offer exactly those things: beauty and benefit.

Being chic and elegant visual pieces inside bathrooms, countertop basins boost these rooms’ design and creativity. No matter what theme or motif you are aiming for your bathroom to possess, a countertop hand basin remains sassy and sophisticated. On top of that, the look and aura of these lavabos are timeless. Regardless of the generation in which your house and/or your bathroom was built, countertop basins can never go out of style.      

3 – Their various types are perfect for any home design.

A countertop basin is a type of sink, and under it are its own types as well. That opens a wider range of bathroom design ideas and opportunities for homeowners like you. You can also select according to your need and to your overall bathroom mood. There are various types that are perfect for any home design, so you will enjoy the selection and of course, the end of your final decision.

Some of the types of countertop basins are square countertop basins, rectangular countertop wash bowls, limestone basins and glass hand basins among others. 

Square basins are as their name implies. They give off a very neat and sharp vibe for your bathroom. You can easily find them in the market since they are a very common variation. Rectangular countertop basins are for wider worktops and naturally utilized as a serviceable vanity. Limestone wash bowls are attention-grabbing! They often come in colors black, gray, brown, beige and nude, so you can effortlessly spot them. Lastly, glass wash basins are obviously made of glass, so they are easy to clean and maintain. 

4 – Find them in assorted shapes and styles you’d love! 

One of the top things that many people adore about countertop basins is their availability in assorted shapes and styles. You can be as creative and imaginative as you want for your bathroom wash bowl. Speak with expert plumbers, sink designers or customer home builders to make your desired countertop basins come to life! 

Some are shaped like a huge stone, a piece of wood, an upside-down dome, a dining bowl or a metal pot. There are plain, curvy, rocky, pearly, patterned, printed and more styles. Whatever your general bathroom design is, there’s a pretty countertop basin that can match it! 

5 – Its hassle-free off-the-wall installation makes it smarter.

No question, countertop basins have a hassle-free off-the-wall installation, which makes it even smarter! They are not attached, not tied, not connected to a wall. They are independent, except having their base positioned on top of a horizontal space. Contact your esteemed custom home builders to help you with a professional installation that leaves you with no worries.

6 – Best partnered with a vanity unit with essential bathroom storage spaces

The bathroom is where you perform hygiene necessities and where you spruce up yourself as well. It is important that it has an area that can hold your items, like cosmetics, hair ties, hair gels, combs and more. It should also have a suitable mirror hanging on the wall. 

A countertop basin is best partnered with a vanity unit with essential bathroom storage spaces. You may have yours personalized with one or more drawers or cabinets under it. Whatever you need in the bathroom, you can store them inside those storage spaces and take them out anytime, especially when you are in a hurry. 

7 – Countertop basins can be positioned anywhere.

Countertop basins can be positioned anywhere on the counter, so they are certainly friendly for plumbing requirements. They can be adjusted based on what’s needed and best for your bathroom. Speak with reputable custom home builders and plumbers to work on this with you and for you.  


Wow! That’s totally wonderful! Countertop basins are advantageous in many ways, thus they keep on shining, literally and figuratively! If you want yours to be installed in your bathroom, contact your trusted custom home builders and plumbers to do the job. They can be customized according to your needs and wants. Make the right choices, and enjoy the charms of bathroom countertop basins!


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